Innovation is creativity. This creativity can be brand new, not previously considered or it can be giving a new perspective to everything we performed, we know, we see and may include a different application. Innovation must be applied not in time but now and certainly it must   include wholeness from way of life to method of doing business; and from method of doing business to way of life. Innovation success should be measured by the benefits to the people, institution and the community. Innovation is change. Change begins with the internal and completed with external change because   a change from the outside to inwards is not possible.


This training is designed as a real work to mobilize creativity and creative thinking which exists inside individuals and institutions at all times but forgotten for various reasons or closed or which cannot be mobilized because of some habits or fear. In this tutorial it is taught that everything from  the change in the universe to change in human from the change in life to method of doing business is renewed and creative thinking is possible with an increase in the person’s conscious awareness. In view of these things and events at the end of the training there will be a major change and awareness in people’s approach to events and business and with connection of innovative approaches of high-energy innovative thinking forms will appear.



Innovation, Creativity and Innovation Perspective

Innovation in person

Innovation in organizations

In = Internalizing of innovation

Now = Surpassing time

Action = taking action

Planning in Action

Metering Systems

Contact for Successful Innovation

From  Sustainable Innovation to Lifestyle