LIVE is established to eliminate obstacles before individuals, organizations and provide them with a faster route to their objectives. LIVE asserts that: whether it is for individuals or organizations, everything evolves from inside out and it operates accordingly. With its consulting and educational services, LIVE’s main objective is to ensure inner and external completeness. By achieving that, it also ensures that individuals and organizations reach their goals on external occurrences through LIVE’s consulting. Humanity, unwittingly, is subject to a hypnosis conducted by people who are unaware of what they do. This kills the very creativity in people and get them stuck in a loop. There is an urgent need for a new definition for leadership and a new educational method. A new school for that matter… This shouldn’t be a school which is founded by people who ‘made it’ or where its lecturers are the people who experienced it all. Because, those who say ‘I made it’ are under the hypnosis of a delusional ego and will inject some poisonous hypnosis to other people. In this school, students, teachers, founders and employees all are valued the same. The only thing that its founders know and sense is that they are under a certain hypnosis. So do their employees and their students. Only the school which is founded on the basis of this type of awareness can implement a new formation.When people wake up, without a reason, and feel ‘LIVE’, they will realize their creativity. This feeling will enable them to step into action and find the new … The brand new… The only reason this school exists is to remind people to become conscious of the concept of awareness. When you begin to resemble like a zombie under hypnosis of the outside world, the only place you can escape to is Live Consulting & Academy. This school is destined to be the one that reminds you of love of life and keeps you ‘LIVE’. This is the fundamental basis of the foundation of LIVE C&A. Break free, break free, and break free… Your school is ready.


Everything a leader observes externally, happens internally before. Mind/Brain repeats past experiences and creates certain conditionings. Professional life puts the mind and brain into the center of everything. This generates the following question: What does direct the mind and brain? In this seminar, the phenomena that is studied on is ‘being alive, soul and mind.’ Negatives and positives are only results but what is the cause of those results? The individual should examine his/her inner negatives and positives. In order to maintain a life, a person needs both positives (+) and negatives (-), as well as potential and kinetic energies. Your body informs you of your current level, position and status. The mystery of the phrase of “Know yourself” is that being aware of your current energy level. If you are at that level of awareness, you can create a coherence with ‘Reality’ At this point, an action wouldn’t require a specific reason. Neurons in the brain transport the positive (+) and negative (-) experiences to the level of consciousness. The individual tends to choose the positive (+) experiences but it is worth remembering that both positives (+) and negatives (-) are essential parts of the whole structure.


Are you ready for revival and being younger? Don’t put too much attention to your age, you are maybe 20, maybe 70 years …Are you ready to be young? There was definitely a moment when you were young …Remember that you were young! What first come to your mind was how ‘LIVE’ you were and  your faith that you will create new worlds with just one single  breath …What happened now? Even at this age? We have lost something very significant. But what? What we have  lost is not time itself, something much more valuable … They said time was very important, couldn’t be taken back that we should use very wisely. They trained us this way, didn’t they? So, with all the time available to them, where have the young people’s excitement, thrill and desire to create new worlds gone? What we lost is not time! What we lost is the love of life… When it’s gone, the soul escapes the body, and the body isn’t even aware. It’s busy waiting for time to be expired because it lacks the energy of living. What do you think is needed? Money, fame, nice cars? No. These temporarily open your eyes, but it doesn’t revive you. To regain life, you need to ‘Be Alive’…You need an power center  that can reveal this and give you the much needed energy. That is why, LIVE C&A is for. It’s here for those who want to be alive and create new worlds with this energy…